Housecleaning Credentials for Professional HouseCleaners

What about housecleaning credentials for professional housecleaners? Generally speaking, it’s not likely you would open your door to a stranger and allow them to roam freely throughout your home without establishing some sort of trust with them first. We totally get it! When you hire Alexandria Domestic Services, you can rest assured we are sending only the most trusted teams into your home! Complete and thorough background checks are performed on all prospective employees prior to joining our team.

For your protection, and to further safeguard your privacy and security, Alexandria Domestic Services adheres to the following precautions:

  • All of our professional house cleaners are bonded and insured.
  • Prior to hiring, a background check is conducted on all potential employees.
  • All employees are fully trained by Alexandria Domestic Services.
  • Each cleaning team has at least one employee that has a minimum of six months of cleaning experience.
  • Alexandria Domestic Services does not subcontract its cleaning services.

ARCSI, Association of Residential Cleaning Services

Alexandria Domestic Services, LLC is a proud member of ARCSI, the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International and has been in good standing with this organization since 2006 (under the name of Alexandria Domestic Solutions with Amy Alvarez as President).
ARCSI Logo - Association of Residential Cleaning Services International

What is ARCSI?

The Association of Residential Cleaning Services International is a member-owned, non-profit organization that is dedicated to making advancements in the home cleaning industry ~ and it is the ONLY organization of its kind.

As a member, we are committed to upholding the organization’s rigorous set of industry standards which include, among other things, a commitment to customer satisfaction. Additionally, we have access to the organization’s extensive resources designed to help its members maintain and improve their business, which translates into improved services to our customers.

When you hire a cleaning company that is a member of ARCSI, you can be confident that you are dealing with dedicated, professional house cleaners committed to providing excellent service based on strong business ethics and high service standards. To learn more about ARCSI, please visit the association’s website.

We hope our efforts to promote trust and security will do much to provide peace of mind to you as you enter into a business relationship with Alexandria Domestic Services.