Basic Residential HouseCleaning Services

What are basic residential housecleaning services with Alexandria Domestic Services?

Followed by the initial, deep cleaning, the basic residential housecleaning maintains the deep cleaning results on a regular basis. By scheduling your routine basic cleaning, your home will not get the chance to accumulate any build up. Touching all areas of your home to upkeep that sparkly look and maintain the fresh, clean smell, your basic cleaning keeps your home in tip top shape.

What’s Included?

With a full-house, basic residential housecleaning, your home is generally cleaned throughout, including kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and other living areas. Your cleaning team will clean counters, vacuum rugs and carpets, dust furniture and fixtures, mop floors, disinfect, shine, and straighten the appearance of all rooms – leaving little to no chance for build-up to accumulate! For a more detailed basic residential house cleaning list of services offered by Alexandria Domestic Services, see What’s Included?

How Often?

As you know, there are lifestyle and environmental factors that influence how dirty your home gets over a given period of time. These factors change from time to time due to a variety of reasons: a change in seasons, a change in work or school schedules, addition of a new pet, etc. For information on what factors to consider when scheduling the frequency of your house cleaning, see How Often?