Factors for Determining House Cleaning Frequency


Traffic in a Home Impacts How Often Residential Maid Service is Needed

You know your home and the volume of traffic that comes in and out of your home. This information as well as environmental factors such as close proximity to a high-volume road or pet traffic should be considered when deciding on how often to engage a residential maid service and setting up a realistic, basic cleaning schedule. The optimum time interval for a regularly-scheduled clean is the time period that allows your home to be cleaned regularly without buildup of dirt, grease, and grime.

Health Considerations Related to Keeping Your Home Clean

In addition to the appearance of a clean and tidy home, there are also health considerations for many children and adults when selecting the appropriate time interval for a basic clean. It is important to maintain a dust and allergen-free home environment whenever possible, and some individuals are more sensitive to dust and allergens.

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Be Ready for Company at All Times

How many times have you thought about inviting someone back to your home only to stop yourself because your home wasn’t clean? Don’t let unexpected visitors cause you undue anxiety. Schedule your basic cleaning on a regular basis, and you will be surprised at how much of a burden will be lifted off your shoulders. You will be more relaxed and able to enjoy the time you spend in your home more completely. Why not call Alexandria Domestic Services today?

Suggestions for House Cleaning Time Intervals

Weekly House Cleaning

For most families, a weekly basic cleaning provides the most assistance in maintaining a clean home. If you add the custom service of changing bed linens on a weekly basis, you can be assured of the most benefit of having Alexandria Domestic Services as your cleaning service. Let our cleaning team take care of your family’s cleaning needs weekly.

Bi-Weekly House Cleaning

A bi-weekly cleaning schedule fits a small family’s needs or that of a couple that may not accumulate large amounts of dirt and dust. Alexandria Domestic Services can assess your situation to decide if a bi-weekly cleaning is the right choice for you.

Monthly House Cleaning

Generally a monthly basic cleaning service is for single people and/or couples that do not have a lot of traffic in and out of the home. With a regularly-scheduled monthly cleaning service, additional time will be allotted, and you may need to do interim touch-up’s within the month to maintain your preferred level of cleanliness; however, for some households, a monthly cleaning service meets their needs.


If you select the interval for your basic home cleaning that is right for you and your home environment, you will, no doubt, reap the most benefits of having Alexandria Domestic Services as your cleaning company. Why not call today to get started?