Begin With A Deep Cleaning

Alexandria Domestic Services’ deep cleaning service offers you a heavy-duty, detailed-oriented, thorough house cleaning. This top-to-bottom, comprehensive cleaning service is available for your home, home office, apartment or condominium.

Deep cleaning is the first necessary step before scheduling your home on a regular, basic cleaning routine. Alexandria Domestic Services will determine what your home requires and work with you to meet your ongoing needs.

By scheduling this initial service, Alexandria Domestic Services is able to set aside sufficient time to perform a thorough cleaning, providing you with high-quality results. The longer appointment guarantees your cleaning team has the time needed to get rid of any build-up of dirt and grime that may have accumulated in your home. It also allows your cleaning team extra time to become acquainted with your home and all of its nooks and crannies. It sets the stage for maintaining the cleanliness of your home through our regularly-scheduled basic cleaning service.

For more information on what this additional service includes, call Alexandria Domestic Services today!

large window without curtains showing greenery outside; bed and lamp in front of the window - all white comforter and walls
white circular sink on vanity top, with folded towels and a plant

The Benefits of a Deep Cleaning

You and your family will enjoy numerous benefits from Alexandria Domestic Services’ deep cleaning service.  Killing viruses and bacteria that can linger on surfaces and in the air and removing such impurities as dust, mold, pet dander, and pollen, leads to a healthier life both physcially and mentally.

Among the benefits you can expect to enjoy are:

  • better indoor air quality
  • improved sleep quality
  • less anxiety
  • less clutter
  • longer life for your appliances
  • more time for family and friends

Want to stop stressing over the state of your home? Enjoy more down time? Play with the kids? Invite friends over? Schedule your deep cleaning today and begin to enjoy your healthier, happier home.

wood bedframe with off-white bedding, plants on both sides of the bed, window on right side - light and airy
kitchen with white cabinets and sunlight coming in
white kitchen, full of long windows with plants on counter and table - light and airy look