Moving Day Cleaning Service

Alexandria Domestic Services offers a moving day cleaning service to homeowners as well as renters. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your move day and no matter how organized you are, moving is stressful. Having to clean both your old home and your new home adds to the stress of your move. With Alexandria Domestic Services’ move in cleaning service and move out cleaning service, all your bases are covered.

Move In Cleaning Service

Our move in cleaning service is perfect for making your new home clean, sanitized and looking like new – just the way you would like it. Oftentimes your new home may not be cleaned as thoroughly as you would like it. From a cleanliness standpoint, when the furniture and appliances are taken out of the house, the only thing that remains is the dirt and odors. While well-meaning folks may clean quickly to make the house presentable, it certainly is not what you would consider move-in condition; the home needs to be cleaned well and sanitized before it can begin to feel like home.

Cleaning Prior to the Arrival of Your Belongings

Schedule your move-in cleaning so that Alexandria Domestic Services is able to come in when the house is vacant so we can perform a deep cleaning.

During a move-in cleaning service, our cleaning team will do such things as clean and sanitize all kitchen cabinets inside and out as well as vanity drawers and storage areas saving you a lot of time while giving you peace of mind.

Once we are done with the cleaning, you can go to work unpacking your boxes and setting up your new home with the reassurance of a fully sanitized and cleaned home. When Alexandria Domestic Services cleans your new home, it will sparkle and shine. Call Alexandria Domestic Services now to reserve your date.

Cleaning After You Are Moved In

If you are not able to schedule your cleaning prior to the delivery of your belongings to your new home, let Alexandria Domestic Services get rid of the ground-in dirt that so often accompanies a move.

Alexandria Domestic Services will tackle the cleaning making your new surroundings feel like home quickly. Our cleaning service is what every new home deserves.

Start out in a clean, sanitized environment. Call Alexandria Domestic Services today! Trust your home to the cleaning experts; Alexandria Domestic Services will get the job done and get it done right.

stacks of boxes, piled somewhat neatly and next to it a plant with a plant on top of one of the boxes in an otherwise empty room

Move Out Cleaning Service

Whether you rent an apartment or own your own home, cleaning the area that you are vacating is a responsibility that can make moving much more stressful. It may be fun to clean your new residence, but cleaning the old place is just not fun – it is a very tough job. And although you are looking forward to moving, it is frustrating having to stop and clean in the middle of everything.

Alexandria Domestic Services can help ease the burden of cleaning the area that you are vacating. Your Alexandria Domestic Services cleaning team will clean the home that you are vacating, readying it for its new occupants. You can close the door and leave the worry behind.

Rental Cleaning

When you are a renter, it may be imperative that the area you are vacating be thoroughly cleaned. You may have given one-and-one-half month’s security deposit or more, and it is unlikely that money will be returned to you unless you present a clean, vacated space.

Call Alexandria Domestic Services and hire our cleaning team to clean your rental place so that you can recover all, or at least a larger portion, of your security deposit.