Domestic Cleaning Service for the Holidays

Generally the most hectic times in our lives tend to revolve around the holidays. Guests come and go, and entertaining is more prevalent, which means more mess. Cleaning often gets forgotten due to more important commitments. If you find yourself juggling more responsibilities than you can handle, let Alexandria Domestic Services lighten the load with our domestic cleaning service.

The greatest thing about hiring Alexandria Domestic Services for a holiday clean is that the extent of the cleaning service is flexible enough to meet your needs and is completely at your direction.

If you need a bedroom deep cleaned because family is staying in that particular bedroom, Alexandria Domestic Services can focus on that room and give the rest of the house a basic cleaning. If your guests tend to gather in your kitchen, we’ll focus our holiday cleaning services on that room. Whatever area of your home will see the most traffic is where we can concentrate our cleaning efforts. Just point us in the right direction. Of course, we will include a basic cleaning of the rest of your home while you tend to other details of your holiday celebration. Your guests will be impressed with how spotlessly clean your home is, and you will have reduced your holiday stress with just one phone call.

Let Alexandria Domestic Services focus on your holiday cleaning so that you can enjoy the time in your clean home with family and friends.