Green House Cleaning for Your Home

Because green house cleaning services are important to you, Alexandria Domestic Services uses only ecofriendly products to foster a healthy environment.

One example of our ecofriendly green house cleaning service is our use of double-filter vaccums. High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters can trap a considerable amount of small particles that other, non-HEPA filters do not. That is why Alexandria Domestic Services uses double-filter HEPA vacuums and changes the filters regularly. This practice traps the particles in the filter rather than re-circulating those particles back into the air in your home.

These additional precautions throughout our cleaning process reduce possible allergens, dust, bacteria, pet dander and other pollutants in your home environment.

We also take care throughout our cleaning tasks and in preparation for our cleaning. As an example, color-coded rags are used to avoid cross contamination during use as well as in washing.

Alexandria Domestic Services’ goal is to deliver excellent service in an environmentally-sensitive way.

Green House Cleaning Products

Whenever we clean your home, Alexandria Domestic Services commits to utilizing the best products for whatever the task is at hand, and we ensure you that the products used to clean your home have the “Green Seal™ Certified” product endorsement.

For products to be “Green Seal™ Certified,” they have to meet important criteria, the products:

  • Do not contain carcinogens, human or aquatic toxins or reproductive toxins,
  • Contain low, volatile organic content
  • Are non-flammable
  • Are not corrosive to eyes or skin

To read more about the Green Seal™ Certified product criteria, please click here.

Various objects on a white tile background with warm sunlight shining through - green cleaning
Eco-friendly natural cleaners: baking soda, soap, vinegar, salt, coffee, lemon and brush on wooden table. Zero waste concept. Kitchen background.

Alexandria Domestic Services continuously evaluates new products and technologies; we strive to provide our clients with the healthiest, most effective, green house cleaning service available.

If you have a particular product that you would prefer the Alexandria Domestic Services cleaning team use in your home, please do not hesitate to call the office or mention it to your cleaning team and make the product available for use during your next basic cleaning service.